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April 24th, 2009

work + play

There seem to be two kinds of law students here: those that share their personal lives with each other and make normal friends, and those that keep work and play distinct. I clearly fall within the latter. In the past two years, I’ve perfected the art of putting off social events until it starts to verge on rude, and then only showing up to put in the requisite face time before jumping back on my bike.

It probably comes as no surprise, then, that only a few key friends at school know about my small corner of the internet. Drawn together by insensitively sarcastic humor, they’re the choice people with whom I’ve managed to form comfortable bonds of trust. And in an environment as ruthless as law school, that’s saying a lot.

Outside this tiny group of real friends, people just know that I’m obsessed with bicycles, not that I blog about them or make cycling caps. Which works out well for me; besides, if someone is going to put in the effort to look over my shoulder, google me, or otherwise stalk me and find this blog, well, congratulations, you’ve found me out…and earned some major creepy points in the process.


Maybe I keep my guard up a little too much, but with the gossip that flies around the library and locker room, I like my wallflower-melt-into-the-walls status. That’s not to say I don’t take risks…or that I’m not prone to new-bike-mom-narcissism. Because when the weather’s this nice, and a lunch has been organized with my law peeps, I’ll bring the Dolan to school.

I carried her up three flights of stairs because there was really no way i was going to lock her up outside. And, okay, I had class with Mark, whose ear I’ve been chattering off about this bike, and Ethan, the owner of an absolutely beautiful Cannondale CAAD 8. Both had listened patiently while I gushed about hubs and danced in circles while describing custom decals and pink cranksets. Both, along with a few others, got the see the bike build progress through emails and pictures. I wanted them to be the first future lawyers to meet her in person.


Despite shaking their heads at the impracticality of a single, fixed gear, they humored me by telling me that it looked awesome. I gloated. It may not be a time trial thoroughbred, but I love my little pony. Especially when she sits through my last ever Constitutional Law II class with me.

Yeah, that exam’s going to be a complete clusterfuck. Mostly because I’m woefully unprepared. But hey, at least there will be something waiting for me at home when this is all over and done with.

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  • 1 huffypuffy Apr 24, 2009 at 1:07 pm

    i got the best academically related advice from my prefect during my freshman year of college: attack all exams armed with a healthy dose of irrational overconfidence.

  • 2 pedalstrike Apr 25, 2009 at 8:44 am

    huffypuffy — great advice. i actually try to apply that to life in general. debatable if it actually works though…

  • 3 estratton Apr 25, 2009 at 9:30 pm

    You’ve got this [law school as a whole] in the bag kiddo. Just remember that, and you’ll be fine.

    Also remember delicious sushi time afterwards. Man I can’t wait till my exams are over.