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attention please, part two

September 18th, 2009 No Comments

TweetWhen a met a tall, lanky, long-haired boy with “Everybody Poops” tattooed on the inside of his wrist, I never thought that he would be my first ever customer. Back then, this blog was still mysteriously anonymous, and I only had two jobs – hat making and blogging – in addition to school instead of […]

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June 1st, 2009 4 Comments

TweetMy first boyfriend was a computer science major [yes, I started dating in college]. He was clean cut, played Ultimate Frisbee, and was his high school’s valedictorian. He also watched Star Trek and loved video games. He didn’t totally look it, but he was kind of a dork. I thought he was the most adorable […]

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fabricated crises

May 31st, 2009 2 Comments

Tweet1.57am. That’s when I finished. Not like that’s unusually late these days. Between rides, blogs, and scheming, late nights are becoming part of the whole routine. A dizzying one that has me nearly falling asleep as I brush my teeth and having small fits of existential crises over gchat. All while some part of me […]

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it hurts

May 15th, 2009 3 Comments

TweetSo apparently going from sitting in a chair in the library for 12 hours a day for three weeks to riding over 100 miles in two days makes for an unhappy knee. Not to mention my ass. I have knee tracking problems that make my knees sound like velcro when I get up from any […]

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[briefly] living the dream

April 3rd, 2009 1 Comment

TweetDespite both of my classes having been canceled today, I rolled out of bed at the usual time. Granted, I can’t sleep past 8am on any day, anyway, but I was sort of excited to get up and pick my way across a floor littered with fabric, tailor’s chalk, and some random pins [ouch!]. I […]

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