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October 26th, 2009

a superb elite [party]

It’s Friday night, and there’s a hand sneaking in between my legs. Fingers brush my inner thigh as I squeal and giggle.

I wasn’t tipsy at all. Just a little drunk off adrenaline from the Superb Grand Opening party.

I had cleared my schedule weeks in advance for this party [and not only because cassette was a sponsor]. With a Fuji Feather being given away, who wouldn’t? But there was also the promise of “fraternaliz[ing] with Boston’s cycling elite.” And knowing Superb was going to fully deliver on that promise, it’s a party I wasn’t going to miss.


Arriving close to an hour after the doors opened, the place was already packed. Bikes lined both sides of the new shop, and people had spilled out onto the sidewalk. Squeezing our bikes into a narrow open space and locking them up, M1 and I ran into none other than Mr. Igleheart, the awesomely friendly framebuilder behind those delicious bikes that “ride like butter” [I wasn’t kidding when I told him that I was saving up for one of his frames]. And as I turned around, ready to elbow my way into the shop, I waved hello to Marty of Geekhouse. This was going to be a really good party.

Inside, people swirled around the central display of bikes underneath the chandelier. There was a wave and thumbs up exchange between myself and Tyler of IF, an introduction to James of Revolution Bicycle Repair [he and M1 worked downtown together back in the day], and quick hellos to Croth and Kip. Lucas Brunelle was sighted, as was Joe of Sugar Coat and Geekhouse, and of course, all the hot Asian girls of Cambridge Bikes. Jason, the mastermind behind Superb, clearly delivered on his promise, and more.



Good beats streamed from the speakers as people moved around the room. Stepping outside to check on our bikes and cool off, another Boston cycling persona, Natasha of Pedal Power Photography, rolled up. In great company, we checked out the array of bicycles entered into the “Hot Bike Contest.” The contestants varied from a slick Specialized to a swoon-worthy vintage Pinarello pursuit frame with a tri-color, glittery paint job. While I regretted not riding the Dolan in, even with its new fall/winter 2009 look [coming soon!], a part of me knew that it probably wouldn’t have stood a chance with this kind of competition.

But I did take part in another kind of contest: $3 got Team Cassette 5 tickets into the raffle. With fingers crossed that we’d win something a Fuji Feather, we checked out the rest of the prizes and ate up some of Jason’s time before we reluctantly headed out the door for a friend’s birthday party. It was early, the party was still in full swing, but I didn’t feel lame leaving. Superb tends to have that effect; there’s no insecure pre-judgment of those who walk in the door, but you better be prepared to walk out feeling not only cooler but also like you’ve just managed to infiltrate Boston’s decidedly unpretentious cycling elite.



Which would explain the big smile on my face as I rolled away from 842 Beacon Street, despite my early departure. Thighs even pumped harder as we sped around taxis in Friday night traffic, spinning wheels and pedals to the next scheduled event of the night. And on the way, that hand. My palms seared with cold nervous sweat in response.

“Got it,” M1 said as he drew up next to me.

I relaxed as we surged up a hill – no longer needing to hold a motionless line – mashing en danseuse on the pedals, secure in the knowledge that the Knog Beetle on my seatpost was now diligently blinking red.

[More pictures of the event here.]

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  • 1 Nuggetross Oct 26, 2009 at 2:18 pm

    weak sauce. i came late and apparently brought the cops in.

  • 2 Cheshyre Oct 26, 2009 at 8:13 pm

    Yeek! Too risque for my midwestern eyes!

    … And is that a ruby glitter saddle?

  • 3 PedalPowerPhotography Oct 26, 2009 at 9:03 pm

    Get mentioned on Kaiko’s blog – check. Check-check-check! xo

  • 4 Boston Knucklehead Oct 28, 2009 at 5:04 am

    I wish I could have made it to this opening. Shop looks really good.

  • 5 Janie Reynolds Nov 3, 2009 at 2:17 pm

    Loved your article! How sweet to experience a bit of the celebration online. It looks like everyone was enjoying the moment, the music, and the amazing new bike shop…what a transformation!!

    I’m incredibly proud!

    Jason’s mom, Janie