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June 20th, 2009


The last time I reconned a ride, it took me 4 hours and at least 5 miles out of my way. It was fun, in hindsight, but slightly mentally taxing. No ride buddy, no iphone, no extensive map, I was at the mercy of whoever happened to be passing by.

But yesterday I did manage to recon a ride; and recon a small part of a city as well. And with a good friend leading the way, all I had to do with pedal and follow.


And pedal I did. Too lazy to flip over my wheel, I did the 25 mile ride fixed – the first time I’ve done anything longer than 10 miles fixed in months. And with a light-as-a-feather Cyfac leading the way, I was struggling to keep up. But not mentally. So even though I complained liberally about my fixed gear status, I got to see a good part of the city from the saddle of my Bianchi, without the terrifying sense of getting very, very lost.


After a loop around Central Park [my first, ever, by bike], we headed back downtown to showers and food. And finally, at Habib’s Place, I was able to keep up on the nom-nom-noming front, inhaling a falafel sandwich that was so good, I can’t really remember what we talked about while I ate. Then, fat and happy, we strolled to Abraco for iced coffee and ricotta-filled pain perdu.



Time was taken to loiter/digest on the couch at NYC Velo, before more hanging out and coffee was consumed. More bike-related sites were reconned for future projects before I was led to dinner at Brick Lane. And giggling over my food [the way to my heart obviously being through my stomach], another late night in the city commenced. Ideas were bounced back and forth, slightly disturbing TV shows watched [“Intervention” and “Obsessed”], a rooftop visited, and a few hats finished before plans were made for the reason I’m here – the Bicycle Film Festival Street Fair this afternoon.


It looks like possibly bad weather, but I’ll be at the NYC Velo table. Come get rained on with me, say hello, and recon a few bike films. It’ll be fun, I promise.

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